Who is Lena

Lena is a world renowned healer and spiritual teacher with natural gifts of spirit guide communication, sound healing and ascended mastery of mindfulness and divine connection. Her mission is to gently and compassionately awaken the minds and souls of all those who are searching for truth, love and most of all, their original essence, which is of love and light. Her aura is diamond rainbow, her presence, stable and loving and her style, nurturing, patient, fun loving and most of all, attuned towards her students so deeply that enlightenment happens rapidly, but always with a sense of safe welcoming, so that her students feel like they have come home to who they truly are.

What do her students say

" What started out as a seek for answers, turned into a journey into myself and back to God. In these 2+ years, Lena has guided me through much learning and healing; going through each layer of me and healing every single one along the way. Lena guides with love and much patience, always believing I can be my best. I enjoy listening to her sound healings during the workshops and my family's collection of soul songs have become my son's bedtime lullaby! One word to describe my journey will be Empowerment. Empowerment to be free, to be me, to just be. "

- Andrina

" I thank my lucky stars to have met Lena, she has been a wonderful, positive influence in my life. Her teachings are always practical, highly beneficial and illuminating, and can be easily applied to one’s life.

Thanks to Lena, my spiritual growth has been tremendous over the past few years, I’ve become a lot more sensitive to receiving guidance from my guides and have been told by numerous spiritual friends and other teachers that I am progressing very well on the path to Ascension/Enlightenment. I give Lena my highest possible recommendation and urge every spiritual seeker to work with Lena if you have the chance! "

- John R.

" Lena is a very humble and no ego spiritual teacher. She connects well with her students and her class is always full of joy and laughter. Most importantly I can resonate with her teachings. Though I have been to other spiritual journeys, I couldn't sense as much as the Divine energy as I do now and through her workshop and guidance, I am able to connect to my guides to get accurate answers and advice from them. If I am in doubt, I can always check with her if messages I get are accurate. It only took me a month to be able to see the changes in me. Another reason is her sound healing energy which can remove any blockages we have that prevented us from moving on.

A big thank to you Lena "

- HJ